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A corner of Semarang at dawn

Semarang is the largest city in Central Java Province, Indonesia. It is also the capital of the province. The city is located at the north coast of Java; hence it is also called the Port of Java for tourism purposes. It is said that the name Semarang derived from the Javanese word “asem” and “arang. “Asem” can be translated literally as tamarind and “arang” as rare or uncommon. Perhaps it was a place that only had a few tamarind trees back then  🙂

The below pictures were taken at Jalan Pandanaran, one of the main streets in Semarang. At the background, there is an open lawn or square which is used as the public central activity premise known as the Simpang Lima lawn. The area’s name shows that from there people can go to five different directions.

In the pictures, you can see a tall structure that looks like a lighthouse. The tall structure is actually the minaret of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque located in Simpang Lima. The mosque is one of Semarang’s many landmarks. Travelers can ask for a permission to go up to the top of the minaret, and enjoy the bird-eye view of Semarang panorama from up there.

Jalan Pandanaran, as one of the five streets that are crossing the Simpang Lima, is approximately 1.5 kilometres long. It is connecting Simpang Lima Area and the Tugu Muda area. Along the street, there are offices, hotels, restaurants and stores. Among all there are many stores that sell Semarang’s traditional food such as bandeng presto (pressure-cooked milkfish), lunpia Semarang (Semarang style spring rolls), and wingko babad (flame grilled sweet cake made of coconut and flour).

Aside of delicious traditional foods, Semarang also offers many interesting places to visit. So . . . anybody interested in visiting Semarang?   😎


breaking dawn 1 ( 5:11 AM )


breaking dawn 2 ( 5:28 AM )


breaking dawn 3 ( 5:51 AM )

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