Sunset on the shore

It was the second day I stayed in Labuan Bajo, Flores. After visiting Komodo Island in the morning, I spent the late afternoon in my hotel room to avoid the heat and humid weather which made me uncomfortable.

At 4.30 PM, after a quick shower, I decided to stroll along the beach which located at the back of the hotel. So . . . off I went, passed the swimming pool where some of my friends spent their afternoon there, directly to the shore. I’d like to wait for and enjoy the sunset from there.

As the beach heads to the west, I got a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. And . . below are the pictures I got at that time, here I share them with you  🙂

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82 thoughts on “Sunset on the shore

  1. Splendide…e che bell’atmosfera…
    Buona domenica!

  2. Those are some sunsets!

  3. Ely Meyer

    Saya dan suami jarang deh mas bisa dapat sunset di pinggir laut seringnya malah di pinggir sungai atau danau di kampung sini

    aku pernah beruntung mas dapat sunset mirip dgn foto terakhir di bandara Soekarno Hatta tahun 2010 lalu

    • Kalau aku sebaliknya, Mbak. Lebih mudah untuk dapat sunset di pantai karena biasanya danau atau sungainya tidak memungkinkan untuk melihat sunset secara utuh.

      Yang foto terakhir itu kebetulan dapat karena di cakrawalanya ketutup mendung, Mbak. Padahal yang aku harap tadinya bisa dapat bulatan yang tenggelam di balik cakrawala.

      • Ely Meyer

        beda tempat ya mas, di kampungku sini jauh banget sama pantai , jadinya ya seringnya ke pinggir sungai atau danau deket soalnya sama rumah, bisa tiap hari deh lihat sunset kl cuacanya memungkinkan

    • Nah itu yang bikin aku iri sama Mbak Ely. Aku kalau pas gak kemana-mana ya gak bisa lihat sunset, Mbak 😦 Ketutupan gedung terus soalnya.

  4. katrina

    Dear Christ..
    your pictures are always catchy and beautiful…love to see them…

  5. Pantai lagi pak 😀 Hmmm,, saya selalu menikmati hasil jepretan pak chris. Kita sama2 suka pantai ya pak 🙂

  6. It looks like paradise! Great pictures!!

  7. The sunset is really stunning on the shore… Thanks for sharing it with us…

  8. Watching the sunset always makes me blue > – < the feeling of s.thing which is slipping comes strongly! Anyway, your serie of photos is so beautiful – as always ! ^ – ^

    • Well, in that case I will try to post more sunrise, so your feeling will be brighter 🙂

      • haha , thanks so much, you are very kind saying that ^ – ^ I think everything has its bright and dark side at the same time, as long as it can bring feelings to the viewers – no matter happy or blue, it is already a very great photo !

    • You’re right, Yin. Everything has two opposite sides at the same time. It is depends to who and in what condition a person sees it 🙂

  9. Saya pencinta langit dan segala isinya, termasuk sunset. Thanks for sharing ya Om. 🙂

  10. Bajo oh Bajo. Kenapa kamu jauh banget Bajo:d

  11. ikut menikmati pantainya lewat jepretan pk Chris yang selalu keren …

  12. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing

    Beautiful location and photographs!

  13. Wah… asiknya kalau bisa ke sana…
    duduk di tepi pantai. sunset di hadapan memberi warnanya ke tubuh kita.
    Ah… Mas Chris bikin iri nih….

  14. Wow! gorgeous! We’re in Ubud now and the sunsets here are spectacular. Indonesia is certainly blessed.

    • Thank you Shelley, and hope that you enjoy your time in Ubud. It is really a nice place to stay 🙂

      • We are already completely in love with Ubud, which happens a lot I’m guessing. Lots of expats around here… 🙂

    • Glad to hear that you love Ubud. Have you tried Ibu Oka’s suckling pig? According to National Geographic, it’s one of the best in the world.

    • You’re welcome, Shelley. Other than the famous suckling pig, there are some restaurants that specialized in serving food made of duck meat. Have you tried?

      • Haha…there are too many restaurants in Ubud. We’re unfortunately at the airport leaving Bali now. Just means we’ll have to head back sooooonnn!!! 😀

    • Have a safe flight, Shelley.
      Please give my best regards to your husband 🙂

  15. Sono foto meravigliose…complimenti! 🙂

  16. wonderful 🙂

  17. really, really amazing shots…. 🙂

  18. Indahnya alam Indonesia :).

  19. Wah wah waaaaah, bener-bener Indah Pantainya pak.
    Tempat ini wajib dikunjungi 🙂

  20. warna langit pas sunset itu kerennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn banget

  21. Amazing photos!

  22. Amazing photos. So opposite of what I am seeing here.

  23. Beach, sunset and camera..Always perfect Mas…

  24. de superbes paysages, merci pour la visite

  25. Great sunset pics, Chris. 🙂

  26. petit4chocolatier

    Beautiful photos Chris!

  27. such magnificent photos Chris!! i miss vacations and lazing @ an island somewhere. sigh

    • Well, there is always another time Kz. So don’t just mourning on what you missed, plan your next vacation instead 🙂

  28. You are a great writer and a excellent storyteller. To top it off, you take lovely photos. These photos make me feel like I’m there. To that end, the color and imagery are spectacular. Thank you for sharing. 😊

  29. Wow! I totally envy you! This is the paradise….

  30. The sunset pictures are so fascinating!

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