An angel on the sea

a part of the angel island's beach

a part of the angel island’s beach

Angel is always associated with beauty. I think everybody agree with it, since we haven’t’ heard nor seen an ugly angel. So everything that bears the name of angel must be pretty  🙂

Off the shore of Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia, there is a small island that bears the name of angel. The island is known as Pulau Bidadari, which can be translated literally as the Angel Island. The island is within the Komodo National Park area. Traveler can reach the island in 20 minutes boat trip embarked from Labuan Bajo.

The island has beautiful sandy beach with calm and clear water which is good for swimming. The sands on the beach are unique, because it has pinkish color. Some part of the beach has decorated with corals.

Unfortunately most of the 15 hectares island is privately managed by a resort operator, and opened only for them who spend their days in the resort. Only a small part of the island that is opened for public. Because of that, the small part is always crowded by travelers who just want to spend a short time on the beach on their way to or from Komodo Island.

At that time, on my way back from Komodo Island, I was also stopped by at that free-small-part of the island. I admit that the beach where I stopped by was quite pretty. Can you imagine how pretty it was on the other side of the island which is said more beautiful than the public part?

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29 thoughts on “An angel on the sea

  1. sooo beautiful, Uncle…
    Just like me an angel,,, 🙂

  2. Ely Meyer

    Sepertinya pulaunya masih perawan ya mas, bolehkah berenang di sana ?

    • Sebetulnya gak juga sih Mbak, karena di sisi lain pulau ini ada resort yang dikelola swasta asing. Pengunjung yagn tidak menginap hanya diijinkan di sisi puau yang aku foto ini. Untuk berenang justru sangat cocok karena lautnya jernih dan tenang. Pemandangan bawah lautnya juga bagus.

      • Ely Meyer

        begitu ya mas .. jadi ingin ke sana nih, pasti bisa renang sepuasnya, snorkling juga

    • Betul Mbak. Pas aku kesana itu banyak teman yang snorkelling juga di situ.

  3. Stunning shots. As always!!

  4. So beautiful..

  5. tempatnya tenang …

  6. Really stunning. Like a slice of paradise itself…

  7. Great photos – such a beautiful place.

  8. waaaa bagus bangettt ! 😀

  9. Beautiful scene You’re lucky to see them

  10. petit4chocolatier

    Very beautiful.

  11. Thankyou…Looks so warm on my wintry day!

  12. cheaphotelsme

    Great pictures and impressions!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

  13. Jalan-jalannya naik kapal ya Chris? saya liat gambar terakhir tuh.

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