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Sunset over the port of Labuan Bajo

As I said in my previous post, Labuan Bajo is the main city of West Manggarai District in Flores. It is located at the western part of Flores Island, Indonesia. Beside can be reached through the air, Labuan Bajo can also be reached through the sea. The former small fishing village now is one of the centers of tourism. Many ships mooring around the port of Labuan Bajo transporting local and foreign travelers who want to visit Flores and many interesting small islands off the shore of Labuan Bajo.

the port of Labuan Bajo as seen from atop of a nearby hill

the port of Labuan Bajo as seen from atop of a nearby hill

It is said that in the past, the place was the landing point of Bajo tribe fishermen that came from Sulawesi. In the local language, to land can also be translated as “berlabuh”. Thus the name Labuan Bajo was derived from “tempat berlabuh suku Bajo” or the place where the Bajos were landed.

After visited the Batu Cermin Cave, in my way back to the hotel, I passed through a hill overlooking the busy port of Labuan Bajo. I decided to stop for a while to see the port from a far. Fortunately, not too far from the place I stopped, there is a local café where travelers can spend time to enjoy sunset while sipping a cup of hot Flores Coffee. So . . . I followed my friends who directly went to the café and ordering a cup of Flores Coffee to be brought to the verandah overlooking the sea to watch the sun took its daily break while sipping the delicious coffee  🙂

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