Sunrise at an abandoned kaolin mining site

a bright morning at the abandoned mining site

a bright morning at the abandoned mining site

The abandoned kaolin mining site is known as Danau Kaolin or the Kaolin Lake now. It was a real kaolin mining site in the past. Kaolin, or also known as china clay, is a kind of mineral in the form of white clay which is used in making ceramics as well as widely used in paper, rubber, paint, cosmetics, and many other products industries. It is said that the name kaolin was derived from Gaoling, a village in Jiangxi Province, China, which is known for its good quality ceramics that uses kaolin as one of its main component up till now.

Belitong is also known to have a good quality of Kaolin, so people came to mine the minerals. At that time, the kaolin mining in Belitong gave the local people many job opportunities. The miners dug a very big hole to get the kaolin and left the waste in the surrounding area of the open pit which also pollutes the nearby rivers.

Nowadays, when the deposits have already decreased, many of the pits are abandoned. The hole they dug, by the time were filled by water, mostly from the rain and turned the pit into a big pond. The water in the pit, which has also mixed with any minerals at the bottom of the pond, looks strikingly blue. The whitish surroundings combined with the bright blue colored man-made lake, make the place so photogenic. One of the biggest kaolin lake, and also the easiest to reach, is located just outside of Tanjong Pandan.

blue water surrounded by whitish clay pile

blue water surrounded by whitish clay pile

When visiting the place, bear in mind that although the place is undeniable beautiful, it is also shows us the environmental damage caused by uncontrolled mining activity without any attempts to rehabilitate the site after all the deposits gone. Hopefully the damage will not cause any bigger environmental problem in the future, especially for the people who live nearby.

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63 thoughts on “Sunrise at an abandoned kaolin mining site

  1. grishmanphotography

    Beautiful set, big like πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome photos, thank you mas.

  3. Reblogged this on A Terapia da Vida and commented:
    So ugly. But so good… I won’t so FUC*OF* ! ****jTp******

  4. Imagine, not only, that I could go there. I would need a friend tourist guide. Would you care to do me a favor? =)

  5. I so love sun over water pictures…beautiful.

  6. These are stunning, makes me wish I was somewhere idyllic right now…instead of in a London flat with the downstairs neighbours BLARING their music.
    They are beautiful even if they do represent huge environmental damage. Nature is very good at reclaiming things…hopefully that’ll be the case here.

  7. Larasati

    gak bisa komentar deh larass saking mlongo nya lihat gambar2 ini

  8. Woaaah!! Diedit apa nggak ni Mas??

  9. petit4chocolatier

    Breathtaking pictures Chris! I really loved the 2nd and 3rd picture because the sky was so intense!

  10. whysooserious

    bahkan setelah dirusak pun, alam masih mampu menunjukkan keindahannya…
    air ‘danau’-nya beracun nggak Pak?

    • Soal air danau, aku gak tahu pasti. Yang jelas sih gak ada ikan ataupun hewan lain di situ, tetapi rumput dan tanaman air ada beberapa yang tumbuh di situ.

  11. The pictures are stunning, but without the explanation they would just be another beautiful lake, click, next, click. Your post made me stop and think. It’s amazing that something that caused environmental damage could be so beautiful, but it is. Thanks for such an informative post. Marsha πŸ™‚

  12. Perfect! Great job, mate! Hahahahah! Bahasanya!

  13. you take such beautiful photos… stunning!

  14. wah-wah disini juga motret sunrise ya hehe.. Hasilnya pun luar biasa πŸ˜€

  15. Awesome deep blues!!

  16. Ely Meyer

    foto no 4, 5 , 7, 8 sering saya lihat di sini mas, tapi sunset di pinggir kali di kampungku sini

    seperti biasa foto fotonya cantik mas

  17. amazing pictures …
    the information make the pictures speak louder …

  18. Beautiful images Chris. I love the reflections, they are so crisp and clear. Robyn

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  20. wah.. gambarnya ngga muncul yang pertama, jadi saya ngga tau gambar apakah gorengan….eehh, gerangan…

  21. Beautiful collections!!!

  22. So breathtaking
    Kalo aku pinjem salah satu gambar untuk background blog boleh gak Om??

  23. love your photos!

  24. Belitung sungguh indah!. Selama ini saya baru menyaksikan keindahannya melalui tv dan foto2 saja, semoga suatu hari bisa melihat keindahannya langsung :).

  25. Woooow, seneng banget nikmatin foto2nya pak. Tenang dech rasanya

  26. Β‘Impresionantes tomas!!

  27. It is beautiful–so beautiful, one can’t see all the scars of a damaged environment. I hope life recovers there.

  28. The light , the color, the reflection… all from a cold blue early morning to the crystal clear and bright new day is just…breathless > – <! I especially love the last one , those clouds are wonderful in color as well as their shapes!

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