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Listening to nature whispers on a quiet small island

one of the beaches in pulau burong

one of the beaches in pulau burong

There are many small islands scattered around Belitong. Most of them are uninhabited. On my way to visit Pulau Lengkuas, I stopped on one of those small islands called Pulau Burong, which literally can be translated as Bird Island. It got its name because there is a big granite rock in the form of a bird’s head located very close to the island. The rock, which is known as Batu Burong or the bird rock, is become one of Belitong’s icon now.

Many activities can be done in Pulau Burong. For them who like snorkeling, the best spot is under the bird stone, because a lot of beautiful sea creatures live in there. For the active type traveler, they can explore the island through a field full of coconut trees to look for any hidden beaches or unique structured boulders.

For them who just want to stay on the beach and enjoy the quiet surrounding, there are white sandy beaches around the island with many unique stone formations that can be used just for relaxing or lazying around under the sun.

I visited the island neither in week-ends nor holidays, so there were no other visitors except for me and my family on the island, at that time. It was so quiet; a perfect place for contemplating. As for myself, well . . . I enjoyed the luxurious feeling to live in a private island, although it only lasted not more than one hour  😛  😀

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