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Enjoying sunset on a secluded beach

It was raining the whole afternoon that day. Fortunately, at around 4:00 PM, the rain stopped. I, then, decided to go to Bukit Berahu (Berahu Hill) which is located very close to Tanjong Binga, the fishing port. I heard that Bukit Berahu is a perfect place to enjoy sunset. It is said that from the top of the hill, the breathtaking views of the sun slowly set with the beauty colored sky as the background appear in front of our eyes. Sometimes some traditional fishing boats called “perahu bagan” will appear perfecting the scene.

a flaming sunset in bukit berahu beach

a flaming sunset in bukit berahu beach

Bukit Berahu is considered as one of the highest place in the western part of Belitong. There is a resort equipped with restaurant, swimming pool, and some wooden cottages in there. The restaurant, which is located at the top of the hill, gives its guests a very nice view towards the open sea. For them who want to go to the beach which is located at the foot of the hill, there is a steep stairs that guide them towards the beach, as well as to some cottages in there.

The beach has the similar characteristic as the beach in Tanjong Tinggi and Tanjong Kelayang. The sand is white, and the water is clear and calm. At a certain location, there are also some big granite stones, although the stones in there are not as big as those in Tanjong Tinggi.

At that time I was lucky enough to see some “perahu bagans” mooring not too far from the beach. When the sun started to set and the sky changed its color from blue to fiery red, my imagination ran wild. To me, the silhouette of “perahu bagans” with their balancing arms, looked like alien vessels came out from science fiction movies :). What do you think?

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