Sunset in a fishing village

After several days break, let’s continue with pictures that I got when I visited Belitong. So far, I’ve already up-loaded the pictures of Batu Belayar Islets as well as beaches of Tanjong Pandan, Tanjong Tinggi, Tanjong Kelayang, Burong Mandi and Serdang, each with their own uniqueness. This time is the turn of another place which also bear the name Tanjong. It is actually a traditional village inhabited mainly of fishermen came from Sulawesi. The village is known as Tanjong Binga.

Tanjong Binga is located at Belitong’s north coast, approximately 22 kilometers to the north of Tanjong Pandan. It is, however, very close to Tanjong Tinggi. Although the village is a traditional village, the houses along the shore are looked relatively modern. Almost all have their own simple pier to tie up the boats that the inhabitants used to catch sea water fishes.

tanjong binga fishing village

Formerly there were two wooden wharfs which were stretched 100 meters long to the sea. Now there are another two wharfs been built in the place to replace the old ones. The new wharfs are made of stone. Travelers can still find the old wharfs, since those two wooden wharfs are still being used by the local fishermen.

At that time, I visited Tanjong Binga in a cloudy late afternoon, hoping that I could be a witness of a nice sunset, because I saw that the cloud was hanging pretty high and the horizon was quite clear. When I entered the village, Tanjong Binga was quite empty and looked deserted, except for some children playing around the pier.

And . . . here are the results of my visit to Tanjong Binga  🙂

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46 thoughts on “Sunset in a fishing village

  1. Photos are truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. wonderful pictures with breathtaking colours!

  3. I pressed the ‘Like’ above… I really liked your photos. :))) Granny Gee/Gloria

  4. Lovely photos of a beautiful, peaceful looking place. You caught the sunset very nicely. 🙂

  5. petit4chocolatier

    Gorgeous colours; especially the sky and water!

  6. Awesome series of photos!

  7. wow…. mantabs banget tuh foto fotonya.

  8. These are postcard like gorgeous photos. The place looks beautiful.

    • Actually the place is just a common village on the shore. But if combined with a beautiful sunset, then yes, the place will look very beautiful.

  9. tak jenuh lihat foto2 ini, terang dan jelas sekaliii

  10. beautiful photos, you live in such a beautiful part of the world. We visited Bali a couple of years ago and I would love to return to Indonesia and visit some of the other islands

    • Thank you. Hope that your visit to Bali was a good one, and hope the same if you return to visit other beautiful islands of Indonesia 🙂

  11. those photos as beautiful as a piece of art, thanks for sharing, chris!

  12. Wonderful shots and beautiful place.

  13. Teguh Puja

    It looks really good. And I envy that. 😀

    Hope I have time to visit it one day.

  14. ninano

    Very exotic, very beautiful!

  15. musim spt ini lumayan sering mas aku nikmati langit warnan warni kayak foto di atas yg seperti biasa cantik sekali

  16. Beautiful sunset over the water, my favorite kind of sunset.

  17. Such a beautiful place, your photos are fantastic, thank you for taking us there.

  18. Se ve un lugar para magnífico, dan ganas de ir ahora mismo, ¡fantásticas imágenes!

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