Colourful traditional fishing boats on the shore

After visiting some beaches on the west coast of Belitong, in the third day of my visit to Belitong I decided to go further than usual, to see other beaches on the other side of the island. So off I went to the eastern part of the island.

Belitong’s eastern beaches are not as famous as the beaches in the west part of the island. They have a very different characteristic too. There are no boulders on the beach like those on the west. The beaches there are either only have brown sands along its shore or white sands like other beaches in the west.

At that time, I only visited two of many beaches in the eastern coast, namely Serdang Beach and Burong Mandi Beach. The two beaches are located in Manggar District, Eastern Belitong. To reach these two beaches, one should drive for about 2 hours from Tanjong Pandan on a relatively good but empty road. And although the beaches are not too far apart, they have different kind of sands on their shore. Burong Mandi has brown sands, while Serdang has white sands.

Serdang and Burong Mandi were relatively empty when I went there. There were no tourists, but only traditional fishermen that I met. The fishermen, who dwellt in villages nearby, use those two beaches as their base, as well as a place to make a new boat or just to repair it. That was why I easily found many traditional fishing boats in there.

The boats, which were painted in bright colours, have unique wooden ‘arms’ at both side which means to stabilize it. With those ‘arms’, the boat will not easily turn upside down while being used to fish on the open sea. The locals usually called this kind of boat as “Perahu Katir

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34 thoughts on “Colourful traditional fishing boats on the shore

  1. In this group #9 is my favourite – I like the composition.

  2. Nyobain naek perahunya donk mas:D

  3. petit4chocolatier

    Beautiful colours! Love them all; especially regeneration : )

  4. i would love to go island-hopping on those colorful boats!

    • For island hoping, they usually used the one with a roof on it. Don’t worry, they are pretty colourful too 🙂

      • yes i figured the boat would topple and i’d drown if i island hop with but those are just so pretty!^^

    • Don’t worry, the boat won’t topple because of the “arms”, but for sure you’ll not feel comfortable in that kind of boats 🙂

  5. Nice beach and sand.Especially I love the boats..

  6. beautiful pictures …

  7. wow keren mas chris.. 😀

  8. such gorgeous colours. lovely photos.

  9. antondewantoro

    belitong memang really-really awesome, foto2nya keren nih

    • Terimakasih complimentnya, Mas 🙂
      Soal awesome, sebetulnya masih banyak tempat lain yang awesome juga sih, termasuk di daerah Mas Anton tinggal.

    • Lho sekarang di Ciputat ya? Aku pikir masih di Yogya.
      Anyway, kemacetan di Ciputat itu memang awesome juga dalam pengertian lain sih 😛

  10. What a wonderful sea. 🙂

  11. Asek nich jalan2 mulu. Dari belitong bablas ke Sulawesi. Bikin ngiri aja sich pak 😀

    • Ah Mbak Ika bisa aja. Gak jalan-jalan terus koq Mbak, ini masih stock lama yang menurut aku masih layak di sharing di sini 🙂

  12. bagus sekali mas photonya….. keren…. bisa jadi bahan pembelajaran nih….

  13. juara foto2 nya, suka ama komposisi langit yg biru + kapal2 nelayan yg warna-warni

  14. RMW

    Great that they paint the boats all these different colors…. makes some good photo opportunities.

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