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There is a stone bird guards a pretty beach

Around 15 minutes ride by car to the west of Tanjong Tinggi, travelers can find another pretty beach known as Tanjong Kelayang. The beach is located in a peninsula. It has a combination of white sandy beach in the eastern part and big granite rocks studded beach, like that in Tanjong Tinggi, in the western part of the beach.

Unlike Tanjong Tinggi, the beach of Tanjong Kelayang is not crowded by swimming visitors, but it is full of sampan which can be rented by travelers who want to visit many islands and islets located off the shore of Belitong.

do you see the stone bird in the background?

Off the shore of Tanjong Kelayang there is a rock island in the shape of a very big bird. The locals believe that the rock bird once was actually a giant eagle that came to the place to guard the people live in the peninsula against any threats came from the ocean. In local language, eagle also known as Burung Kelayang (kelayang bird). So that is why the peninsula which is located not too far from the rock island is called Tanjong Kelayang (tanjong or tanjung can be translated literally as peninsula). The rock island itself is known as Batu Garuda or the eagle rock.

As I mentioned before, Tanjong Kelayang is also become the starting point for any travelers who want to go to nearby islands and islets, either for exploring the islands or snorkeling in many spots not too far from Tanjong Kelayang. One of the best spot for snorkeling is under the Batu Garuda.

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