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Somebody scattered big rocks on the beach

Who did that? Well . . . nobody knows. The big rocks have already been there for a very long time, even before the era of our great great grand parents. Or . . . perhaps there were quarrels among the giants in the past, so they threw many big stones to each other, and then just left them scattered on the beach (just kidding . . .  :P).

Anyway, travelers can find the beach I mentioned here in Belitong. It is known as Tanjong Tinggi beach, which is located around 30 kilometers from Tanjong Pandan. The beach is the most popular among other beaches in Belitong, so no wonder that it will be very crowded by locals in week-end and in public holidays.

rocks scattered on tanjong tinggi beach

Tanjong Tinggi has a beautiful landscape and yet unique. There are so many granite stones scattered on its white sandy shores as well as in the shallow water off the shore. The stones are varied in size and shapes. Some are as small as a big box, while others are as big as a building, even bigger than that. Some are plain, while some others are looked like animals or anything that can jump out from our wild imaginations. Some are half buried in the white sands, while others loomed above us. We can also find some unique formations made by the nature that some times make us smile. For the brave, they can climb on top of those giant rocks to get a different perspective of the beach area.

The pretty beach is more than 1 kilometers long. The white sands along the shores felt so tender under our feet. The shallow water is so clear and there is almost as calm as the water in a lake. The conditions make many people cannot stand to not to swim in there.

After exploring the area, travelers can also enjoy simple sea-food on several simple food stalls on the beach for their lunch, or just soaking their dry throats with fresh coconut water before continuing the journey to other interesting places.

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