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One morning in Banding Agung

Banding Agung is a small town located on the shore of a lake called Danau Ranau, in South Sumatera. It is usually a quiet town, except when it comes to its market day, which is usually happened only once a week. At that special day, people come from across the lake as well as from other towns, bringing commodities to be sold in the market located not too far from the lake-shore.

Lucky me that when I visited Banding Agung, I got an information that the following morning was the market day.

So, I got up quite early in the following morning, and then went directly to the lake shore to watch people unload bunches of cinnamon from the boat, while other unload sacks of salted fish or vegetables to be brought to the market. I followed their steps through the street which was beginning to be swarmed by people that started their daily activities. Not too long, I’d already in the market. It’s always exciting for me to see many kind of sellers in the market met the buyers  🙂

the transaction

I also roamed to Banding Agung’s rural area. There, I saw children walk happily with their friends to go to schools, men on their motorbike or bicycle rushed to their offices, while women went to a nearby river to take a bath and also do their laundry.

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