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A green fortress to defend the ecosystem

Tahura Djuanda is located at the northern side of Bandung, West Java. It is also known as Dago Pakar Hill. In the World War II era, Dago Pakar Hill was functioned to be one of the military fortresses to defend Bandung. That’s why up till now, in the area, visitors can see man made caves which were used by the Dutch and also by the Japanese army in the 1940s as one of their military bases.

Nowadays, Dago Pakar Hill is still functioned as a fortress, but it is not a military fortress anymore. It is now a natural fortress instead, the last green fortress to protect both the forest and any wildlife in the area.

Dago Pakar was opened as a recreational and educational forest in 1965, and still being a recreational and educational forest up till now. Since then, there are many facilities have been added to the area, such as a museum, a monument, a children playground, an outbound facility, and also a 7 kilometers track which ended at Omas Waterfall in Maribaya, Lembang.

Usually people come to the area at week-end, and most of them come to do a long walk at the track. They also visit and explore the caves, as well as going to some waterfalls founded along the track. The panorama is enjoyable, and the temperature is relatively cool since it is at more than 1,000 meters above sea level.

There are also some stalls that sell local snacks and drinks along the track, so people will not suffer of thirst and hunger while walking the long walk :).

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