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Ogoh-Ogoh parade in Jakarta

Ogoh-ogoh, which is originally come from Balinese tradition, is a giant statue that usually made of bamboo crates which formed into a monster-like being according to the imagination of its maker. The bamboo forms then wrapped with papers, cloth, and also being painted, so finally it becomes an artistic statue.

Balinese people build ogoh-ogohs especially for a big parade known as “Ngrupuk” that always takes place on the eve of “Nyepi” (the Day of Silence). For them, ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of evil spirit or bad atmosphere which always tries to influence human being. That’s why at the “Ngrupuk” Parade, the Balinese will carry the ogoh-ogoh around to soak up the evil spirits.

During the parade, ogoh-ogoh will be placed on a bamboo frame and be carried by many youngsters. The carriers rock the frame along the road so the ogoh-ogoh will move as if it is alive. At every junctions and crossroad, they will rotate the frame several times before continuing to march to the final destination. And at the end of the ritual, the giant statue will be burnt into ashes as a symbol of self-purification.

On March 22, 2012, there was an ogoh-ogoh parade in Jakarta, which took place in the National Monument area. There were more than 10 ogoh-ogohs with various forms and styles. In my own opinion, all ogoh-ogohs participating in the parade were artistically crafted, even-though for many they look scary. What do you think?

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