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A place with three waterfalls side by side

The place is located in the southern part of Sukabumi district, around 6 to 7 hours drive from Jakarta, but it is only around 25 kilometers from Ujung Genteng. The waterfalls are known as Curug Cikaso (“curug” is a Sundanese term for waterfall) because the waterfalls are actually a part of Cikaso river stream that flows from its spring on the hill to the estuary in the Indian Ocean.

Since the waterfalls are part of the stream, people can reach the waterfalls by “sampan” operated by the locals. It will not take long to cruise in the river, just around 10 minutes. For them who do not want to go by “sampan” can also reach the waterfalls on foot.

The height of the waterfalls is approximately 80 meters with a deep jade colored pond at the bases. Unfortunately the beauty of the waterfalls was contaminated by litters and leftovers, at least that was what I saw when I visited the waterfalls.

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