One morning at Amandaratu Beach

To be honest, I don’t think that Amandaratu Beach is the real name of the beach. Since the beach is located in a resort called Amandaratu, however, I simply call it Amandaratu beach  :).

The resort is located a few kilometers from Ujung Genteng. It is on a hill that framed an estuary of a small river, facing the Indian Ocean with its big swells. Amandaratu Beach is not a sandy beach; it is a beach full of sharp coral instead. More than that, the waves are also very strong, so people cannot swim at the beach like that in Pangumbahan or in Cibuaya which has soft sandy beach even-though located not too far from Amandaratu Beach..

At the place where the tide meets the river, just below the resort area, there is a small rock island that has a big resemblance with the famous Tanah Lot in Bali, only the one in here doesn’t has a temple on it. That is why people call the small island as Tanahlot Amandaratu.

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