Art in an old cemetery lawn

Well . . . , actually the place is not a cemetery anymore. It has already been turned into an open air museum which displays various kinds of tombstones and inscriptions dated from the 18th and 19th century. That is why the museum is called the Inscription Museum (MuseumTaman Prasasti). The museum is located in Jalan Tanah Abang I, Central Jakarta.

As mentioned before, the Inscription Museum is used to be a cemetery lawn. At that time, it called the Kebon Jahe Kober Cemetery Lawn. It was a funeral area for officers and prominent figures, especially for the Dutch and European. The cemetery lawn started to be utilized in 1795, replacing the old funeral area in the yard of a church located at a place which is known as the Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang) now. Kebon Jahe Kober Cemetery Lawn was still be used as a public funeral until 1975, when the government decided to close the funeral area and turn it into an open air museum with a collection of more than 1200 tombstones and inscriptions, miniature of traditional gravestones from various province of Indonesia, a replica of an old hearse, and also the original coffins of the late first president and vice president of Indonesia.

To walk along the path inside the Inscription Museum is like walking in an art gallery because almost all tombstones and inscriptions in here are works of many talented painters, designers as well as sculptors molded to express the deep feeling of the users or the people who gave the order. Besides that, people can also learn a part of Indonesia’s history here, because the tombstones of some people that played a role of the Indonesian history are also being kept until now. That is why I believe that every tombstone and inscription in the museum has its own interesting story. I also believe that those stories will soon be gone if nobody cares to make documentations of them.

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