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The Yellow Mountain

Formerly known as Yishan (Mount Yi), and it is said that its name was changed to its present name in 747 AD by imperial decree. According to a local legend, the name Huangshan, which literally means the Yellow Mountain, was given because it was the location from where Emperor Huang Di, better known as the Yellow Emperor, ascended to heaven.

Huangshan, which is located in Eastern China, is considered to be a prime example of classic Chinese scenery, as typified in Chinese landscape paintings. Most of those paintings depict the inexplicable pines and strangely jutting granite peaks emerging out of a sea of clouds.

I visited the mountain in summer last year. When I started my climb to the hotel in the afternoon, almost all area in the mountain range was covered by a very thick fog. So it was almost impossible to see the landscape. In the following morning however, it was very clear. The landscape was truly beautiful.

To support the scenic area of the mountain, there is a city called Huangshan City at the foot of the Yellow Mountain. The city, which was established more than 2000 years ago, has so many points of interests. I got the opportunity to visit one of them, called Tun-xi Ancient Street. It is really a very old street that was formed at the beginning of Ming Dynasty. Along the street there are two storey shops which have existed for hundreds years.

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