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Temples that become a proof of eternal love

Now we call the temples as Candi Plaosan or Plaosan Temples. Actually it is a complex which consists of two Buddhist temples surrounded by more than 174 small structures in the form of stupas and shrines. Located in a small village called Bugisan, in Central Java, Indonesia, not too far from the more famous Prambanan temple; the Plaosan often ignored by visitors and tourists who focus their trip to visit Prambanan.

Built in mid 9th century by Pramodhawardhani, a princess of the Buddhist Syailendra Dynasty, who married to Rakai Pikatan a King of the Hindhu Sanjaya Dynasty who ruled in the Kingdom of Medang in Central Java in that era.

The reliefs and inscriptions along the wall of the temples tell a story about Rakai Pikatan and Pramodhawardhani love story, that eventhough both of them came from noble families, did not mean that their love story was an easy one. Their marriage was not approved by both families who had different religion and principles. But the obstacles and resistance did not fade their love. As a symbol of their etternal love, they built a Buddhist temples complex in a Hindhu style.

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Xing-hu Lake of Southern China

Also known as Star Lake and is located in Guangdong Province. It is in the northern outskirts of a city called Zhao-qing, approximately four kilometres from the downtown, to be precise. 

The lake is partitioned into five separate sections divided with small strips of land and walkways. It has also seven limestone crags that stand in the formation similar to the big dipper star constellation, hence the name of Star Lake.

People say that the beautiful landscape of the lake is tremendous since it has limestone peaks as in Guilin and exquisite water as in West Lake of  Hangzhou.

The lake area is about 8 square kilometres which form one of the most scenic locations in the area. Unfortunately, when I visited the lake, I only visited a small part of it.

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